• Hotstart Sb Coolant Engine Heater 600

    CB Series Block Heater

    CB series heaters are tough and compact, perfect for heating diesel or gas engines. They come with a built-in high-limit thermostat, optional flow-through control thermostat, and various heat power and voltage options, making them popular among engine manufacturers worldwide for their reliability and versatility.

  • Hotstart Cl Coolant Engine Heater (1)

    CL Series Block Heater

    The CL heaters are heavy-duty thermosiphon heaters that offer higher wattage options for increased heat output.  The CL series also includes an all-metal mounting bracket and can provide heat power of up to 6 kW, making it perfect for large engine applications.

  • Hotstart Csm Hotflow Coolant Engine Heater Style B

    CSM Series Block Heater

    The HOTflow® CSM engine heater is known for its powerful pump (10 gpm flow) and heating element options (up to 12 kW), making it the top choice in the HOTflow® lineup. Featuring power and pump-driven forced circulation, the CSM ensures superior heat distribution, making it an excellent replacement for multiple convection-based heaters. This not only improves heating performance but also lowers maintenance costs significantly.

  • Hotstart Sb Coolant Engine Heater 600

    SB Series 2250W 120 Volts

    This adaptable and efficient heating system is suitable for various engine heating needs.

  • Hotstart Tps 10 000 Coolant Engine Heater 600

    TPS Thermosiphon Heating System

    Introducing our Thermosiphon Heating System (TPS): a reliable coolant preheater for diesel and gas engines used in stationary land power.