Blue Star- Perkins Engine

Blue Star Diesel Standby Stationary Generators- Perkins Engine

Product Description and Specifications

Manufacturer: Perkins
Type: Standby / Prime
KW Range: 17 kWe – 750 kWe
Product Line: Diesel

208-600 Volt
60 Hz / 1800 RPM
Standby / Prime
Diesel Product Line

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PD20-01IT4, PD30-01IT4, PD50-01, PD60-01, PD80-01, PD100-01, PD125-01, PD150-01, PD180-01, PD200-01, PD250-01, PD300-01, PD350-01, PD400-01, PD450-01, PD500-01, PD550-01, PD600-01, PD750-01